Villa Brisamar is a house with “Colonial” style or "Indian" villa, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, on the beautiful beach of Coma-Ruga on the Costa Dorada in Tarragona.

Built in 1956 from the original plans of a house in La Habana, occupies a plot of 1000m2 in the seafront, in the same promenade of Coma-Ruga.

Villa Brisamar history is deeply tied to those intrepid adventurers who were known as "Indians". The name "Indian" or "American" has been popularly used in Catalonia to designate those who emigrated to America and, after some time, they come back rich to their place of origin.

The profile of the "Indian" returning was characterized by a rich illustrated who commissioned the construction of palaces and lordly houses with a hallmark from Las Antillas, an style characteristic of the former Spanish colonies: large, almost always with two floors, with balconies that ran the façade, with many details of neoclassic, neogothic and modernist lines adapted to the colonial architecture and a large landscaped courtyard at the rear, chaired by arches and facades decorated with beautiful murals of landscapes overseas.